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Waterfront view of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Vernon, BC to Burton, BC

Map of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Whatshan Lake Turnoff or Burton Boat Launch to Fortunes Landing, BC

Map of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Calgary, AB to Burton, BC

Map of Fortunes Landing in Arrow Lakes

Detailed Logging Road Map from Whatshan Lake to Fortunes Landing

Whatshan Oatscott Logging Road to Fortunes Landing


You can drive to Fortunes Landing from the West side of Arrow Lakes. The turn off is at Whatshan Lake. There are a number of signs by the side of the road that will direct you. Click here for a large map. This is a logging road and it will take you about 45 minutes from the highway turnoff to get to Fortunes Landing. If you have your trailer with you, it will be ~ 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Since this is a logging road, the driveability and accessibility of Fortunes Landing will change depending on the time of year. We recommend that you bring trailers AFTER freshet. This typically occurs the middle of June. Once your trailer is in, you have a much wider window to enjoy the property. That is typically from May 15 - October 15. So, your first year, expect to bring your trailer in on July 1st. Thereafter, as long as your trailer winters there, which is no problem, you may have access as early as April 15 and usually until November 15. It really depends on the snow pack.

You can access the property by boat (all year), vehicle (Spring, Summer, Fall), ATV (early Sping to late Fall) or snowmobile (winter). It is actually faster to get to your property in the winter. The reason is that you can snowmobile along the waterfront from the ferry landing and get there in 20 minutes. You would not take the logging roads, which go up quite high and then descend back down to the waterfront.

The road is generally very good post June 15 until October 15. We highly recommend that you have a boat if you are interested in acquring a lot at Fortunes Landing. This is the 3rd largest lake in BC. Without a boat, why be on the lake? If you are at Fortunes Landing, you may want to get groceries, go shopping, or just hang out at Nakusp. It is 90 minutes from Fortunes Landing to Nakusp (the closest town) by vehicle. It is 20-25 minutes by boat. Save yourself over an hour and a lot of stress. Just take your boat to Nakusp while at Fortunes Landing.

Fortunes Landing is also easily accessible from the East side by putting your boat in at the Burton Boat Launch. It is a leisurely 5 minutes across the lake from there. You can also visit our Discovery Centre in Calgary, AB that we have at the Linwood Homes office at 11 Bowridge Drive NW Calgary, AB T3B 3R6.

Please call in advance to make an appointment regardless of how you are accessing the site or if you wish to meet us at Linwoods offices.

Vernon, BC to Fortunes Landing, BC by Boat
160 km about 2.5 hours.

  1. East at Vernon Slocan Hwy/BC-6 E 134 km
  2. Take the Needles, BC - Fauquier, BC ferry 1.1 km
  3. Continue straight onto Ferry Ramp/Nelson Highway Hwy/BC-6 S Continue to follow Nelson Highway Hwy/BC-6 S 22.0 km. You are now going North.
  4. Turn left (West) at the Burton boat launch sign. This is at the campground. There is only one campground. Please be aware there is another boat launch South of Burton. You can launch from there. However, if you are meeting us, we will meet you at the boat launch that is in the Historical Campground in Burton. When you are on the Fortunes Landing property you can actually see the Burton Boat Launch at the Historical Campground.
  5. Launch your boat and go North North West for about 5 minutes. Fortunes Landing is on the West side of the lake. Look for the Fortunes Landing sign.

Calgary, AB to Fortunes Landing, BC by Boat
548 km – about 7.5 hours.

  1. West on Trans-Canada Hwy/AB-1 W (signs for Trans Canada Highway W) Entering British Columbia 410 km.
  2. Turn left (South) after you cross the Columbia River bridge in Revelstoke, BC. This is Highway 23 Nakusp Mica Creek Hwy/BC-23 S (signs for Nakusp/Galena Bay) Continue to follow BC-23 South 48.9 km
  3. Take the BC-23 S ferry 4.8 km. This is the Shelter Bay ferry landing. You are now going East across the lake.
  4. Continue straight (South) to stay on BC-23 S 47.9 km to Nakusp.
  5. Turn left at Broadway St W/BC-23 S/BC-6 E (signs for Vernon/Nelson/Castlegar) Continue to follow BC-6 E 35.5 km South. You are going South now next to the lake. Do not go inland. You want Highway 6 South at this point.
  6. After about 20 minutes turn right (West) at the Burton boat launch sign. This is at the Historical Campground in Burton. There is another boat launch just South of Burton. You want the one in the Historical (Memorial) Campground right in Burton.
  7. Launch your boat and go North North West for about 5 minutes. Fortunes Landing is on the West side of the lake. Look for the Fortunes Landing sign on the beach.